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Ubuntu Matlab Post Install tips

After installing Matlab on a Linux machine, i recommend you to do this steps.  Please analyze each of them and the responsibility (as always) is on your fingers.

But this should cause any harm:

wget ‘’ -O /usr/share/applications/matlab.desktop

wget -O /usr/share/icons/matlab.png

And you can modify the Desktop Icon and set it up to run as a terminal program and with this path:  /usr/local/MATLAB/R2013a/bin/matlab



Protecting your privacy while browsing

This is the first post related to privacy concerns in the Web.  The Internet has changed a lot these years, i suppose it is the price for freedom and for developing the Internet.

The search engines and social networks are Data Mining all your movements to make a profit, selling your data and analyzing it in other countries.  Protecting your privacy is something that nobody will do for you.

Every webpage has today a Facebook or a g+ or any kind of add-on, every web page you visit is reporting other private companies about your movements and interests and you may not want that…. but you have to know that it is happening.

There is an Add-on for Firefox called ad-block plugin, and then you can enable these resources: Adversity.  I tested it, and it blocks for example “google analytics”.

Another good free plugin for Firefox is Ghostery, seems effective but i do not know how much data it sends without your concen.