Some private browsing tips

In my previous post i recommended about two firefox plugins to truly surf through Internet whoes pages have social network embedded widgets that only report about our presense in those pages and if we are lucky, only that, but i also identifies us because the propagation of cookies.
In this post i will give some recommendations about how to stop Firefox from surfing the web without us knowing it.  The other day i was analyzing what happens in the background in the network with Firefox open, and i was worried for a minute or two because i saw connections going out of my computer but i was not surfing anything…  i had one page open, so i closed it incase that that page had some javascript with a loop doing some connections without me knowing…. but the connections kept being done.

Disclaimer: These steps may do produce undesiderable behavior in your browser, these are notes i have written for myself and am sharing to help anybody that could benefit from them.

How to stop Firefox from automatically making connections without my permission

1) Clean all the live bookmarks if any.
2) Disable auto update (Edit -> Preferences -> Update ->
Never check for updates (not recommended: security risk) 
and uncheck Update Search Engines)

3) Disable auto update for plugins (Tools -> AddOns -> Extensions
At the top of the tab, click the Tools for All Add-ons menu and uncheck Update Add-ons Automatically, then select Reset All Add-ons to Update Automatically.)

4) Anti-phishing list updating (Edit -> Preferences -> Security ->
Block reported web forgeries. and
Block reported attack sites)

5) Add-on blocklist updating, Add-on metadata updating, Link prefetching
In the location bar write: about:config and set:
extensions.blocklist.enabled -> false
extensions.getAddons.cache.enabled -> false
network.prefetch-next -> false


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